About Casino “Comps,” or Complementaries

Everyone hears of or knows about Casino Complimentaries or “Comps” but even some of the most experienced casino guests are in the dark about how the casinos arrive at their decision on how much of a comp any given customer qualifies for. The casino industry is a business like any other and the bottom line is profitability. As licensed Junket representatives we are able to provide your room, meals, etc. “comped” or at a special casino rate based on your play. If you are a minimum $50.00 table player or a $1.00 slot player we may be able to offer you comps up front! Complimentaries are based on your average bet plus hours played on the table games or the amount of coin that you put through a machine. Casino comps are not based on win/loss but rather on the “action” you give the casino. The ultimate decision on comps is based on the host Casino, but as a Gem Casino Travel customer we do represent you even after the trip! Contact us for additional information.

What are comps?

A comp is a reduced room rate or a meal. Sometimes it is a free stay in the casino’s hotel. A comp that is described as RFB means that the casino is giving you free room (R), food (F) and beverage (B). “Comps” or complimentaries should be looked at as if they were intangible discounts. Comps are not gifts. Can you picture a casino giving you a gift? Get real!

A comp usually takes the form of a chit that you take to the coffee shop or the buffet and hand to the hostess who gives it to the waitress. The comp shows them that the casino is paying for your meal and one or two drinks.

By the way, a comp is always for two people, at the minimum. A comp never includes the tip (“toke” in Vegas language) so don’t forget to leave one or you risk a lap of coffee the next time. If the casino is comping you to dinner in the gourmet room or the show room they will make the reservation for you and they will deliver the chit directly to the Maitre ‘d. Oh yes, if you are comped you go to the “casino guest” line and don’t have to wait around with the peons.

A comp is given to you because the casino wants you to play in their casino. They are not given to you because they like you. They may, in fact, like you, but, and I’m sorry to burst your bubble, they like, and want, your money more. So, if you are comped look on it as a reward for your play at the tables and in anticipation of your future play. If you budgeted $500 for the weekend for you and your wife as follows: $300 room, $200 food; and the hotel gave you casino rates (one-half off), which is a type of comp, a chit for lunch at the coffee shop one day ($25) and the buffet for dinner another ($25) think of it as having received discount certificates for $200. It’s just like those super market coupons that you get in the Sunday paper.

Casinos are willing to “Comp” a player for anything may it be for lunch in the coffee shop to a complimentary room right on up to a Penthouse Suite & a Lear Jet in order to bring the customer in to the casino. Make no mistake; the casino wants to comp you for anything they can as long as you qualify for that complimentary based on a number the casinos call a “Theoretical Casino Win”.

What is a “Theoretical Casino Win”?

The casino does not base their comping decisions on what you may win or lose, but rather on a theoretical figure of your worth to them in profitability. How do they calculate this figure? Quite simply on your action in the casino. A very easy explanation would be that they take your average bet times the amount of time you play and calculate in the odds of the game you play – slots or tables. This total is called a “Theoretical Casino Win”. It is from this figure that the casino will decide how much you are allotted in casino complimentaries; allowing a certain percentage of this Theoretical Casino Win in “Comps”. Of course keeping in mind there are variables they will take into consideration, one of those variables being a players gaming loss, for instance, so there are exceptions to every rule but that is basically how it works.

How do you get comps?

The prerequisite for getting comped is to let the casino know who you are and how much you are betting. This is called “getting rated.” You let the casino know who you are and how much you are gambling by telling the pit floorman or pit boss that you want to be “rated.” To do this you should have a handy form of identification such as a slot club card or a marker privilege card (more about these cards in the sections below on casino credit and markers).

Your action in any casino will generate comp dollars that are available to you for use against the expenses you incur while at the casino. Comp dollars can be used for a full variety of items from room, food, beverage, entertainment, spa services, limousines and air transportation etc. Be sure to get your self rated at all times to maximize your comp value to the resort.

What is a “Rated Player?”

Each casino has a different Theoretical Win percentage policy and some casinos may have a “Points” comping policy (based on the Theoretical Win number) in which you can accumulate and redeem your points for comps, merchandise or even cash-backs. It is different in each casino so it pays to register with the casino and get a “Rating Card”. It is a very easy procedure – you simply fill out a form with your name address and date of birth and the casino will issue you a rating card on the spot. Always make sure you use it each and every time you play at a table or slot machine so all the proper comp credits will accrue. This procedure will allow you to become a “Rated Player.” Once you have established yourself with a casino you will more readily be eligible for future complimentaries.

If you are a “Rated Player” we may be able to comp you prior to your casino holiday. Some of our Casino-Resorts will offer comps “Up Front” which means prior to your trip – others may offer you a Casino Rate but if you go in through the casino it is always and advantage as you will be eligible for comps prior to your departure, if you qualify. If you are not a “Rated Player”. we can help establish you at the casino of your choice.

That is why we always ask that you call us to check what your comp status at any of our casinos may be. We may be able to offer you full RFB status at one casino but only a room comp at another. We will always do our absolute best to make sure that you always receive your full comp value and we will always suggest to you the best casino for your level of play… But, of course, the final determination is yours to make!

Why get rated?

In the computerized world we live in today, getting your gaming action rated is extremely important. Most casinos around the world today have automated rating systems which link into their electronic database of players and are prepared to give up a percentage of your rated action in complimentaries, like room, food, entertainment, transportation, spa services etc. Most casino games are rated and the combined action will create a player profile for you that the casino will use to base their decisions on. Upon arrival at the casino make sure you get a VIP CASINO RATING CARD which can be used at all games. This card can be picked up at Casino VIP Services or with the help of your Casino Host.

At the slot machines you can insert your VIP Card into the card reader and from that point on, all money in, bets made, size of bets and time played will be recorded and placed into your player account. If your play more then one slot machine at a time, get additional rating cards. As you continue to play your action will continue to be placed into your account on an additive basis creating your profile and generating what is called theoretical gaming points. At the table games present your card to the dealer and a pit boss before you start playing to ensure that they begin recording your rating immediately. They will then record your average bets and the time you leave the game. Each play at another table will generate an additional rating and all the trip action will again enter into your player account creating a profile.

As noted earlier, your action will generate theoretical gaming dollars or an electronic wallet with your name on it that has available comp dollars that you can use for your incurred expenses while at the resort.

At any time during your stay and certainly prior to you check out, visit the Casino VIP Booth or contact a Casino VIP Host to find out what your ratings are and what they are worth in comp dollars. When you are ready to check out and finished giving your action for the trip, get a VIP representative or your host to ensure that your comp dollars are applied to your resort expense account so upon checkout everything has been satisfactorily taken care of.