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The experience of cruising is unlike any other type of vacation. Just imagine what it feels like to turn 360 degrees and see nothing but mesmerizing ocean and majestic scenery. Or to rise to the wonders of a new destination each morning as your every need is catered to. These are moments that can only be experienced on a cruise.

Celebrity Cruise’s casinos offer blackjack, American roulette, Caribbean stud poker, craps and a wide range of video and reel slot machines. In addition, blackjack and slots tournaments are held on each voyage. While onboard, check your Celebrity Today daily program or your stateroom television for details.


Let Celebrity tantalize your palate with our award-winning cuisine. Prepared by world-renowned chefs, our culinary delights are made from scratch using only the finest, fresh ingredients.

From casual eateries like the AquaSpa Café serving light, healthy fare to specialty restaurants where meals are prepared tableside, there are choices sure to please those with even the most discerning tastes.

Enjoy indoor dining in our smoke-free environments or outdoor dining poolside. Aboard Celebrity, the choice is yours.

Proper Dining Attire
A delightful break from the ordinary, dining aboard Celebrity is a true taste of luxury. Whether dining at an intimate table for two or an elaborate table for many, appropriate attire is part of the overall ambience.

Evening Dress Codes
Celebrity’s evening dress codes include three types: formal, casual and informal. The daily program, delivered to your stateroom and available at the Guest Relations Desk, will be your guide to the appropriate evening attire.

Formal Night Attire
Ladies: Evening gown or fancy dress
Gentlemen: Tuxedo, dinner jacket or dark suit

Informal Night Attire
Ladies: Informal dress or pants and blouse
Gentlemen: Jacket and tie with slacks

Casual Night Attire
Ladies: Pantsuit or sporty outfit
Gentlemen: Sport shirt and slacks

Dining in jeans detracts from the overall ambience and is therefore not allowed in the main dining room after 6:00pm. Evening dress codes apply to main restaurant dining. Specialty restaurant dining*, requires a jacket for gentlemen and a dress or pants and a blouse for ladies every night.

Entertainment and Activities

Aboard Celebrity, you’ll find unlimited opportunities to indulge your interests. Attend an informative onboard lecture, discover unique treasures in our upscale boutiques or test your love for competition. Collect fine pieces of art during an onboard auction.

Our lavish Vegas-style spectaculars promise extravagant entertainment for all, or try your luck in the exhilarating casino. Then take in the non-stop, high-energy of our nightclubs and lounges.

Enjoy a 30-minute performance encapsulating the magic and wizardry of Cirque du Soleil® during “A taste of CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ®”, or visit The Bar at the Edge of the Earth SM – A space designed by CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. Escape reality, enjoy the view or have a drink in this unique atmosphere of plush, pillow-lined sofas. An observation lounge by day, this space becomes a dream-like bar/lounge/disco by night where exotic cocktails and mystical projections will inspire and engage you.

In pursuit of a slower pace? Sink into the welcoming arms of a leather club chair and listen to the sounds of a grand piano in the refined atmosphere of Michael’s Club. Our array of entertaining options will ensure a most delightful and distinctive cruise experience for everyone.


Light up the night with Lady Luck by your side in Celebrity’s world-class casinos. With European-style ambiance and captivating sights and sounds, our casinos offer exhilaration for experienced high rollers and those trying their luck for the first time.

Whether you’re interested in gaming or just curious, our sophisticated casinos offer the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening.

Celebrity Cruise’s casinos offer blackjack, American roulette, Caribbean stud poker, craps and a wide range of video and reel slot machines. In addition, blackjack and slots tournaments are held on each voyage. While onboard, check your Celebrity Today daily program or your stateroom television for details.

Casino Guidelines

Age Limit
Everyone 18 years and older is welcome to play, some Alaskan ports require a minimum age of 21.

Hours of Operation
Casinos open approximately one hour after sailing. However, some ports allow the casino to remain open during various times while in port. During your cruise, refer to the Celebrity Today daily program for specific hours of operation.

All gaming operations are performed in U.S. currency.

Shirt and shoes are required. Cover-ups should be worn over bathing attire.

Cigar or pipe smoking is not allowed in the casino.

Photographs are allowed but we kindly request that you refrain from using video camcorders while the casino is in operation.

Chips and Coins

Chips can be purchased at the table and redeemed at the cashier’s window. Bill validators are located within each slot machine. Gaming chips and tokens are not valid outside of the casino. Change machines are located throughout the casino, or you may buy coins from the casino cashier. All coinage may be redeemed through the casino cashier.

It is customary to tip a casino staff member who has been helpful or with whom you have enjoyed good fortune.

Gaming Equipment
All casino equipment meets or exceeds Nevada gaming regulations.

Casino Etiquette
We wish for everyone to have a good time in our establishments. Good casino etiquette makes the experience more fun for the players. It’s also an imperative to help assure that the games are played fairly. Should a player become loud, offensive or insulting to other players, he or she may be asked to leave the casino.

ICCL Gambling Guidelines

The International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL) is a nonprofit trade association consisting of the 17 largest passenger cruise lines that call on major ports in the United States and abroad. The ICCL is dedicated to helping the cruise industry provide a safe, secure, fun and entertaining ship environment for its passengers. Among the services that illustrate the commitment to fun entertainment are the gambling casinos found on most of the ICCL member vessels. These industry guidelines address the equipment, conduct of games, internal controls and customer service for casinos on cruise ships.

The guidelines generally foster the following goals: 

  • To provide reasonable rules by which all gambling onboard member vessels is conducted to ensure fair and professional gaming to the highest level of integrity to the player.
  • To provide internal controls upon which passengers can rely to assure them that the gambling is operated with the utmost integrity.
  • To provide a form of entertainment for passengers that is responsive to the customers’ requests.

Rules of Play
Each line will provide a gaming guide setting forth the rules of play for its casino. These rules of play shall generally follow those established for casinos in Nevada, New Jersey or England. These house rules will also be made available in every casino. Each member line will post at every gaming table minimum and maximum betting limits for each game. Only adults are allowed to play the slots or the tables.

Internal Controls
All shipboard gambling operations will be inspected by each member line’s internal audit department on a regular basis, not to exceed l2 months.

All casinos will have detailed internal control procedures concerning the cash and coin counts, casino cage procedures and other processes, similar to licensed jurisdictions.

Each line will employ some form of surveillance to ensure operations are fair and equitable for all parties.

Each line will separate the operation of the casino from the financial aspects of the casino as clearly as possible, including specific duties for cashiers and table gaming staff.

Customer Service
The onboard casino operations will be the overall responsibility of the hotel manager or director, who is charged with ensuring the highest standard of conduct for casino staff. In case of a gaming dispute, any passenger who feels he or she has an issue that cannot be resolved by the casino manager should bring it up to the hotel manager, and every effort will be made to resolve the problem. If the issue is not resolved onboard the vessel, each ship will have at the casino cage a current list of contact information for its home office or casino operator where the passenger can pursue his or her dispute.

The cruise vessel will have onboard comment cards for the inclusion of any comment, concern or means to improve the gambling system onboard the vessel.

Gambling is strictly for the enjoyment of the passengers who choose to avail themselves of this form of entertainment.


Not all treasures are found buried at sea. Aboard every ship, Celebrity’s European-inspired piazza and elegant galleria hold the promise of discovery and delight. Marble walkways lead you from sophisticated boutiques to fine jewelry stores that hold stylish clothing, precious gems, cosmetics, fragrances and more.

Window shop, attend a fashion show or select gifts for friends and family. Then, indulge yourself as you encounter the ideal memento of your truly extraordinary cruise experience.

Onboard Activities

If you love to stay active, Celebrity has an abundance of entertaining activities to keep you moving day and night, regardless of your skill level. Whether you’re looking for spirited competition, mind-bender challenges or just love the fun of a themed dance party, Celebrity has it all. Your vacation experience can be filled with as many activities as you have the energy for. Your “Celebrity Today” daily program is delivered each night and serves as your map to a treasure of fun & exciting activities taking place onboard.

Lounges, Bars and Clubs

As your ship moves toward the moonlit horizon and a distant sunrise, feel the evening come to life in Celebrity’s alluring nightspots. Make new friends or bond with old ones in one of our luxurious destinations. Elegant décor coupled with live music make these the perfect beginning or ending to a memorable evening.

Art Auctions

An appreciation for the finer things sets you apart. Aboard Cel

ebrity, we reward you with culturally enriching experiences at every turn. Throughout the ship, you’ll find museum-quality artwork on display by masters like Picasso and contemporary painters like Peter Max. During our onboard art auction, sip champagne as you discover the next great surrealist or complete your already impressive collection.


A Celebrity cruise is your ticket to brilliant, award-winning entertainment. As the evening sea sparkles, experience spectacular numbers from the best and brightest of broadway shows and captivating musical reviews in the elegant Celebrity Theater. Delight in the amazing flight of acrobats and the contagious wit of comedians as you enjoy Celebrity’s hospitality. Aboard Celebrity, the best seat in the house is yours.

Spa & Fitness

Aboard Celebrity, we invite you to indulge your mind, body and spirit.

Let us transport you to a whole new world with treatments inspired by rituals from exotic cultures in our world-famous AquaSpa® by Elemis. Or, if you prefer, challenge yourself to an invigorating spinning class overlooking a vast ocean through breathtaking floor-to-ceiling windows.

Then pamper yourself with a deluxe manicure or luxurious facial and enjoy every moment to the fullest. Regardless of how you unwind, it’s our goal to leave you feeling renewed and revived.

Celebrity X-Club Youth Program

There’s so m

uch for your children to do in the Celebrity X-Club that keeps them engaged and having a great time in an environment designed just for them. A Welcome Aboard Orientation will fill you in on all the details of the X-Club. Plus, you’re invited to stop by the Fun Factory with your children on the first day of your sailing for an Open House. They can explore all the possibilities and you can get answers to any questions you may have. You can also go ahead and get them registered for the activities that excite them.

From teen-oriented explorations and entertainment to special opportunities for toddlers and their parents to interact with each other, the X-Club is designed to make sure your children enjoy their Celebrity experience as much as you do. You can even join your children for X-Club Family Events like Karaoke, Family Disco, Bingo and more.

Programs are available year round From 9 a.m. each morning, or half an hour before arriving in each port. Our five-tiered program includes:

  • Toddler Time (under 3 years old)
  • Ship MatesSM (ages 3-6)
  • Celebrity CadetsSM (ages 7-9)
  • EnsignsSM (ages 10-12)
  • Admiral TsSM (ages 13-17)

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