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GEM Casino Travel featured as “Best Bet” in Edge on the Net!

Edge on the Net, the premier news and entertainment source for the Gay community, recently feature GEM Casino Travel in an excellent writeup by author Matthew Wexler! From the article:

Imagine having a full-service personal concierge among multiple gaming resorts. While players club representatives may be able to swing some interesting perks at their individual locations, their ultimate goal is to keep you on site. GEM Casino Travel is your one-stop VIP service that helps you can spend more time enjoying your vacation than planning it.

Depending on how much and how often you play, you may be eligible for free rooms, meals at exclusive restaurants, special events, theatre or concert tickets, limousine service and more.

Of course, if you’re already a regular at certain hotels and casinos, you’re probably already getting offers by mail or email. These can easily be integrated into your Gem Casino booking experience. They’ll oversee the entire process and make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Speaking of which, some people prefer to travel with little cash on hand. GEM Casino travel can also easily establish a credit line so you’ll be all set upon arrival.

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Gem Casino Travel Reviewed in article in Casino Player Magazine

Excerpt from
The Net: Planning Your Casino Vacation Online

Websites worth visiting before booking your next trip
By J. Phillip Vogel

Gem Casino Travel
Not your standard casino directory site, Gem Casino Travel offers both information and personalized services for elite players looking to plan a special gaming vacation. Although their scope is somewhat limited (focusing on select casinos in the US, Canada, Caribbean, South and Central America), this is a full service liaison between the player and the house. Visitors to the site can read overviews of each property, including information on available games, restaurants, shopping options, bars and lounges, spa services and other amenities. In addition, if you’re a big enough player, they’ll completely arrange your accommodations, travel, and opening lines of credit. All of their active players are eligible for special promotional rates.

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